Monthly archives: April, 2015

Beyond the lithium ion – a significant step toward a better performing battery

The Cabana group has reported, in a new article in Advanced Materials, conclusive evidence that Mg ions can be electrochemically intercalated into spinel oxide hosts, in a reversible manner. This behavior turns these oxides into possible electrode materials in the next generation of batteries using divalent Mg ions as charge carriers, as opposed to single valent Li. The increase in the number of charges, combined with the high operating potential of spinel oxides, would lead to batteries that surpass the energy density capabilities of current Li-ion technology. More details can be found in the following UIC press release.
Congratulations, Ryan (current group member), Chunjoong and Tanghong (former members) for an exciting finding!

Article in Advanced Energy Materials leverages imaging to observe nonequilibrium transitions

In a new article appearing in Advanced Energy Materials, we present the development of an operando X-ray spectromicroscopy setup to image electrochemical phase transformations in a single LiMn2O4 crystal. The study revealed the existence of nonequilibrium pathways due to bottlenecks imposed by carrier transport. Young-Sang led the effort and conducted the experiments. Congratulations, Young-Sang!

Abdullah wins first place at UIC Student Research Forum

Abdullah was awarded first place in the category of Physical Sciences at the UIC Student Research Forum. He won for his abstract and poster presentation of his work investigating Mg intercalation reactions in spinel nanocrystal oxides. Woo-hoo for Abdullah!