Monthly archives: February, 2015

Article on Li conducting films appears in Thin Solid Films

A new article from the group describing the preparation and properties of thin films within the Li-La-Zr-O space has been published in Thin Solid Films. Kudos to former group member (LBNL chapter), Joong Sun Park, for his very thorough work.

Watch Jordi talk JCESR

Jordi appears in a video produced by the Pew Charitable Trusts, which discusses the partnership between government, university and industry to create the next generation of batteries under the umbrella of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR).

Strategy for stabilized electrode-electrolyte interfaces reported in Chemistry of Materials

In a new paper in Chemistry of Materials, we demonstrate a strategy toward the stabilization of battery electrode-electrolyte interfaces designing nanocrystals with a core composed of an electroactive oxide, which is passivated by an ultrathin epitaxial oxide shell enriched in a redox inactive ion. The validity of the concept is proved with LiMn2O4-type nanocrystals with a 1–2 nm Al-rich shell. This paper is the result of very careful work by Chunjoong Kim and Linping Xu, a former Cabana group member in the LBNL chapter. A job greatly done, Chunjoong and Linping!